Have One Satisfied Woman On Your Hands

An active sex life has been proven to be an integral part of a healthy life, both mentally and physically. Many men are unhappy with their sexual performance and that can affect their entire life. It is a fact that to perform at your best sexually you need to rid yourself of any feelings of inferiority. Depression and frustration aren’t going to put your bedroom activities in the spotlight. The key to improving your life is not to stay frustrated or depressed. You have to take actions and do something to make your life more satisfying.

When your wife has a comfortable sense of well being, knows you truly love her for who she is as a person and not just for her body and she knows and believes that of all the billions of women in the world, you want only her, then you’ll probably get as much sex as you can handle! Women have the basic human right to experience full sexual satisfaction during intercourse. If a man denies a woman this right, which is due unto her, then he is being cruel to her. That makes it all the more important for you to equip yourself with ways and means, conducive to her sexual desires and orgasm. Ensuring your woman is sexually satisfied will not only keep her contented, but also advocate a more stronger relationship.

So many women would refuse to acknowledge that size is a major issue when it comes to sexually satisfaction in the presence of their lovers for fear off hurting their feelings. But we know the painful truth which is that, majority of women prefer a big penis to a small one, there is no wise saying to dispute that fact, as almost all women if not all sexually active women would truthfully admit that they prefer a big penis to a smaller one, period!

But the major reason women prefer a bigger penis is just a matter of anatomy. The pleasure points in a woman’s vagina must be physically stimulated in order for her to achieve an orgasm, if a woman’s lover is unfortunate to have a small sexual organ, the pleasure spots are not stimulated during sex and that usually results in the woman being sexually frustrated. So it is only normal for almost every woman to prefer a bigger penile size to a smaller one, what’s the point in going through sexual frustration if they have another option?

A small penis size is among the top three causes of sexual frustration among women and that is not new to most men as we all know a small one only ends up tickling a woman during sex and not giving any pleasure. Women tend to accept the penile size of their lovers as long as they have no other option; the moment a woman finds a man with a bigger penis that is willing to become their lover they tend to dump the former lover with a smaller one.

What is at the center of the problem has less to do with how big a mans penis is, and more to do with how large he thinks it should be. Many men have given testimonials praising the effectiveness of male enhancing pills. What is still scientifically unproven is whether their sex life is better because of these herbal supplements, or is it due to the confidence they gain by believing that this product will deliver as promised.

When a woman is consistently not made to reach orgasm with her sexual partner there is something seriously wrong. There is no pleasure without reciprocation, only more sexual frustration. But it’s an oversimplification to think that it’s the man’s fault that a woman is not brought to climax. A woman is just as responsible for understanding her own body and communicating with her partner.

Men, you can’t pretend that the female orgasm doesn’t exist. If you do think that’s the case, you probably have no sex life at all. You’re a loser. A female orgasm is just as intense as yours, but it requires more skill to ignite it. A man’s orgasm occurs by simple methods. A woman’s orgasm is simple as well, but you need to understand the clitoris and other “machinery” to operate it fully. When you press the magic buttons, and learn how to do it consistently, you’re going to have one satisfied woman on your hands.

Why Women Often Buy Cheap Vibrators?

Vibration is as stimulating as penetration

Many people have a wrong notion that women get satisfaction only through penetration. Contrary to such popular belief many women find better satisfaction with vibrations. They find easier to achieve their orgasm using sex toys like vibrators. As usual with most articles and especially sex toys, they prefer to buy cheap vibrators for multiple reasons. One reason is many of them cannot afford to pay for the costlier alternatives. On the other hand they also gain several advantages like ease of replacement without much expense and no fear of accidental damages caused to costly items.
Vibrators most popular

Manufacturers often come up with a fascinating range of products. Especially if such manufacturers are conversant with the trick of the trade they can come up with the real attractive offers and products. It is well known that women are choosier in comparison to their male counterparts in buying anything and the principle also applies when they buy cheap vibrators. It however goes without saying that they prefer vibrators to many other cheaper sex toys. The reason is that this is the ultimate in the world of artificial sex. Those who have explored the pleasure of using vibrators to the optimum think that there is nothing else left for them to try.

Why cheap vibrators?

As their anatomy and physical requirements vary largely, the feelings and preferences of women also vary quite constantly. Some women prefer extreme vibration while others may prefer something like the G-spot orgasm. The best provider will always try to fulfill the requirements of all their customers. So far as the budget is concerned the provider must have a range of very good, efficient, attractive yet cheap vibrators. When it comes to customer preference, it is often seen that the women have opted to buy cheap vibrators rather than the expensive ones. There are also sufficient reasons for their choice.

Opting for the change

There is no dearth of such people, and many of them are women, who distaste routine affairs. It is unlikely that such people will continue to prefer one type of sex toys for long despite it giving them the highest satisfaction and pleasure. They will change the toy for the sake of change alone. Such customers will always buy cheap vibrators. The first reason is that it will not hurt them financially when the change them either for another vibrator, a costlier item, or any other sex toy. The second reason is that they will be under no tension of careful use or protection of such cheap commodities and will have no fear of losing or damaging them either.

Evolution of vibrators

How the vibrators came up? If you take a peep into the history you will find that in the 19th century women with unsatisfied sexual urge were often trying getting satisfaction with manual massage to get orgasm.

However, the process of manual massages had their own shortcomings. Usually the manual massage consumed a long time and this led to the invention of the first vibrator machine in the late 19th century. Since then the vibrators have become one of the most favorite sex toys for women and it has also evolved from the mediocre to sublime. Now the customer knows that with so much improvement in technologies they are going to get their money’s worth even if the buy cheap vibrators only.

Talking Dirty – Figuring Out If It’s Right For You

Are you somebody who has been wondering if talking dirty is the right thing to do? You have perhaps become interested in how it could spice up things in your bedroom…

You may even be ready and rearing to go. But there is that one niggling thought stopping you: What if your partner is totally turned off by your dirty talk? How do you figure out if it is right for you?

Worried If It Will All Go Wrong?

When you whisper those hot, dirty things into his ear, will he be furiously excited into action; or will he sneer in disgust? Will he just melt at your raunchy words like chocolate in your mouth and become your willing slave?
Or will he jump up and run out the door as if they have been stung by wild bees?

You have no way of knowing until you have actually tired talking dirty at least once.

Breaking The Ice:

There are some ways to test the waters. Sneak it up on them gently, so that if you do cause offence, you can withdraw gracefully. If you are well received, well then, it could be a very pleasurable start to talking dirty!

If you are at all unsure about your partner, hold off with the very explicit and shocking words and actions till you are better able to judge their reaction.

Look Out For Clues While Talking Dirty:

Look at him when you say something erotic. Make sure your words are suggestive, but in a non aggressive way. If he looks at you with obvious interest, reaches out to touch you, or turns his attention to you in a positive way, you are on the right path.

If he ignores you or seems uncomfortable, or suddenly finds an excuse to leave the room, consider it a warning sign. He just may not be in the mood, but one little incident should not put you off for ever. Just put a pause to it and remember to take it very, very easy when you try it out the next time.

4 Great Tips To Get You Started:

#1.) Whisper something naughty to him while you are relaxing together watching TV, or a movie. If you time it with some thing romantic happening on screen, that would be even better. If he doesn’t take the bait, don’t worry. You have what’s happening on screen to distract you.

#2.) When you are reading in bed, pick a good book that has an erotic love scene in it. Make sure it’s not a cheap or very explicit passage. Then ask him to read it with you and cuddle up. Point out naughty things. If it works this far, then try reading out the lines you find most exciting. You could give the love tips sections in Cosmo or Elle a try.

#3.) If he is not comfortable with talking dirty, he will not stay to read more than a few lines. If he does draw away, stop! You will have done no harm to yourself; you were just sharing a book you were reading!

#4.) The third way is probably the safest. Send him a steamy text message or an e-mail when you’re apart. If that lights his fire, he will get back to you, pronto! If he is a little shocked and bemused, time might give him second thoughts and get his juices flowing. And if he is downright disgusted by dirty talk, you can always plead temporary insanity!

Trust Your Instincts:

Eventually, you are the one who knows best if dirty talk will please or offend your partner. Subconsciously, you would have noticed just how your partner reacts to nudity and alternate forms of sexual expression. If these are not his thing, then it is best to stay away from talking dirty. If however, you have figured out by now that it’s right up his alley, happy dirty talking!

How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

Introducing an erotic product into your relationship such as a vibrator or bondage kit can improve your sex life and bring couples closer together. You may have toyed with the idea of using one with your partner, but not know how approach your partner about this new level of intimacy. If you and your partner are at a level of comfort in your relationship, but are not sure how he or she would react to the idea of using a sex toy, here are some tips to bring the idea up and begin your sex toy adventures together.

If you have never shopped for an adult toy before, I would suggest browsing through several adult toy web sites. Many of the adult toy web sites offering product reviews from customers such as yourself. Looking at adult toy sites can also help you understand the different types of toys that are available and may even have an entire section devoted to sex toys for couples. For example, there are vibrating erection rings with a clitoral stimulator attached that are worn by the male to enhance the sensations for both partners during sexual intercourse. If a vibrating erection ring does not seem right for you, check out some of the more traditional vibrators that are simple to use such as the Erotic Explorer. If you want more assistance, but do not feel comfortable enough to go to a physical store, contact the customer service numbers on some of the adult toy sites. The customer service department are accustomed to helping customers that are new to purchasing adult toys and can provide helpful suggestions on what sex toy is right for you and your partner. Make sure you purchase from a web site that has a phone number available as opposed to just an email. Therefore, you can also contact customer service directly and avoid waiting for email replies.

Once you become more knowledgeable about different sex toys, bring up the topic to your partner when you are in a comfortable atmosphere. Sit down with your partner and bring up the idea of taking your relationship to a different level. Let him or her know how you would like to know how he or she feels incorporating a sex toy into the relationship. Make sure him or her does not feel offended and reassure them that it is not about them not being a good lover. It is about sharing something intimate and special together. If he or she has any questions, let them know you have been doing some research on some products.

If your partner is willing to try it out, build the excitement of the experience by shopping for one together. Look on the computer with your partner and browse the different products that you have done research on. Make sure you let your partner have some input on what products they would like to try. You may want to try several different types. Maybe try a traditional vibe, a small clitoral vibe such as a i vibepocket rocket, and an erection ring. I would also suggest buying a personal lubricant to use with your sex toys to make sure the experience is a pleasurable and comfortable one.

Once you have placed your order for the sex toys, plan a special night together when you have time to try out your new purchase. Create a comfortable atmosphere in which you and your partner can fully relax. Bringing a sex toy into your relationship can strengthen the bond in your relationship and bring you and your partner closer together.

Dirty Talking To Your Guy – A Guide to Making It Better

If you are serious about dirty talking to your guy, you might need to brush up on your skills a bit. If you want to get it hot and happening, it is important to get it right in the first place.

A lot depends on the tone of your voice and your body language. What you say has to be enhanced by what your body is silently saying and vice versa.

Take note of these pointers that will guide you to get better at dirty talking.

Use a special voice

When you dirty talk, you are departing from a normal conversation. So your normal voice will just not do.

Just like your body does special things when you make love to excite your partner, your voice also has to follow suit. Put on a special voice.

The lower it sounds the better. In fact, whispering when you dirty talk can be the sexiest way to do it. Get your voice into a lusty, sexy purr!

Try doing it solo

Dirty talking on your own, in front of a mirror perhaps, is a great way to practice. You will be able to pay attention to the impact your actions and words have and how to get the two in sync.

Touching yourself at the same time that you are dirty talking to yourself will make it far more exciting and if you can actually let him watch you when it happens, it will just blow his mind away! Wild horses will not be able to restrain him from joining you once you get him going!

Expose your inner self!

That means exposing your thoughts. Getting to hear what is actually happening inside your head, as well as realizing what your body is feeling, in no uncertain terms, is intensely exciting for your man.

Tell him exactly how it feels when he does something you love. You will find that not only will he understand you needs better, so will you, when you pay more attention to what you are feeling.

Pull him into your fantasy

If you have a fantasy you would like to share with him, do so. Pull him into it and make him part of it. It will be a powerful turn on to him to realize that you want him to enter such a private realm

The way you say it matters!

Every thing depends on the way you use your words. Think about what excites you. Watch him when you dirty talk. You will be able to soon figure out what type of words and phrases affect him the most. With a little practice, you will soon be turning out climax inducing talk without even thinking about it.

Be as graphic as you can

It is the graphic nature of dirty talk that makes it so exciting. So describe body parts, actions, feelings and sensations in great detail.

Use the raunchiest words you know. Get the sexiest adjectives in your lexicon flowing out of your mouth.

Involve all the senses

When you dirty talk, the talk should accentuate your other senses and concentrate what you are feeling.

Dirty talk about sexual touch, smells and sounds; describe how he is touching you; how his smell turns you on; how his voice excites you… It will turn into a memorable mingling of the senses.

Whether you are dirty talking to your husband, your boyfriend, or a complete stranger, you can turn it into a naughty and enthralling experience with very little effort.

Bondage Sex Machines

A different concept

A somewhat different concept in the world of artificial sex is the bondage sex machines. Several items are available in the sex toy stores for you. They form a desired line of cool and enticing sex toys. For instance, you may deal with the colorful bondage cuffs and the collars that could suit any occasion. It could be fashion simply or for sex. There are also the vibrators that are often fabulous in color and varieties. As you go on exploring your experience gets more and more exciting with them. Another top variety bondage sex machine is the fucking machine. They are the up and coming best masturbation varieties.

Fucking machines

Among the bondage sex machines these fucking machines occupy prime position because of the fact that they constitute excellent gifts and carry unique pieces of conversation for the user. Perhaps the best of all is the remote control vibrator that could be used anywhere, in a crowded restaurant as well as in the remote corners in parks or home. It can also be shared with your partner even in crowded places if both of you are wearing remote control thongs.

Lubricants for efficiency

For keeping your bondage sex machines in good running conditions you will require lubricants. This may turn out to be a problem while on travel since laws have been enacted to put a clamp on the amount of liquid you can carry while traveling in your bag. To address this problem many providers have come up with the right package for the purpose. These lubricants are not only required to keep your machines running in good condition but they add a very pleasant slippery dimension to your sexual activities that would be slick. Whatever mentality your partner might be carrying such lubricants can lead him or her to the extreme heights of pleasure and stimulations.

Sexual lingerie

Whenever you surf on to a sex site on line you will come across something regarding the very sexual lingerie. Providers go on adding cute cuddly items to their existing stocks every now and then. Many of them are trimmed in color and saddled with bows and fabulous stockings. Sexy as well as kinky lingerie is one of the most appreciated bondage sex machines. Girls mostly prefer sexy pink color lingerie while those who are sexier they prefer the pussy type short ones. There is also the male version of this very sexy outfit.

Latex rubber, vinyl, and plastic outfits

Most of the shops have a large collection of latex rubber, vinyl and plastic outfits and toys for sex activities. Even boots, hats, and accessories matching with them have now been included in the list of sex toys. They have the sizes ranging from the tiny to diva and most of the providers will also come up with a large selection of the plus size toys for you. Most of the new bondage sex machines hit the market during December-January, on the eve of the Christmas and the New Year celebrations. There are the prayer bench that comes in red and blue colors, the angled kneeler that is a piece of exquisite bondage sex machine, bondage whips and gags that can provide you exhilarating bedroom sexual experiences. And to top it all they come in fabulous colors and exciting styles attracting everyone.

How can One become a Great Spouse

Here’s a list of a few traits that can change you from a good spouse to a great spouse:

* First and foremost in any relationship it is important to first believe in yourself because that will help you in believing your partner.

* Express love whenever possible – You might not like your spouse’s behaviour always, but let your mate know that your love is forever. Say I Love You whenever you can.

* Listen to your spouse and try to understand him / her – Your spouse might not always say things that please your ears but try to listen and understand his / her point of view.

Listening Tips –

* Your spouse expects honesty of opinions from you. So, don’t be phony in your praise or support of what your spouse has done or is considering doing in future to keep your matrimony Hassel free.

* Admit your mistake – Always be willing to apologize and at the same time ask for forgiveness. Also, forgive, as they say forgiveness is the biggest virtue.

* Communicate honestly to your life partner not only your thoughts but also your feelings.

Communication Tips –

* Keep your promises – Never make false promises to your partner. At least try to fulfill those promises that are in your capability.

* Be kind – Show respect, trust, appreciation, consideration and kindness whenever it is required. This way, your spouse will also show the same feeling towards you.

* Don’t fight – Try resolving past and present issues and handle conflicts in a healthy way.

* Give space – In a relationship, it is very important to give each other space and respect it too.

* Take care of things like:

• How you are spending your time and money and try to maintain a balance in professional and personal life

• Having fun together – To have a fun-filled married life, it is important for you and your life partner to have fun together. Make sure that you take time-out from your daily chores and watch a movie together, go out for dinner or go out for weekend holidays.

• Enjoying each other’s company – You should feel happy and content in each other’s company. In fact, you should not feel the need of a third person when you are together.

• Solving problems together – If ever there is a problem, try solving it together. Do discuss about your problems and issues with your spouse.

• Handling consequences of decisions made by you and your spouse – If a decision made by you or your spouse turned futile make sure that you handle its consequences together. Don’t just let your spouse suffer alone.

• Sharing the responsibilities of parenting and household chores – Always share the responsibility of your kids and households for a successful married life.

Also to become a great spouse, you need to be careful in the way you talk to each other. As any negative comment can hurt your life partner and thus hamper your matrimonial relationship with him / her.
Here’s what you should and what you should not say to your life partner:
Don’t ever use negative phrases like:

What did you do all day around here?
What is your problem?
I’m still thinking about it.
Give me a break.
You always…
What did you say, I don’t remember?
It’s all your fault!
I told you…
You’re just like your mother/father.
Why is it always my fault?
You never understand…
You don’t love me anymore.
You don’t listen to me.
My way is the only way… got it?
And what have you been up to?
I’m tired.
Forget it.
I don’t care.
Always use phrases like to make your spouse happy:
I love you.
That’s neat… great job!
Thanks for marrying me.
Let’s eat out tonight.
You look super.
I’m so glad we’re married.
I’ll help.
Our kids couldn’t ask for a better mom/dad.
Like a back rub?
Let’s do something fun together… a movie or a walk?
I need your help.
Are you feeling alright?
What you say matters a lot to your life partner. So, be careful in the way you talk to your life partner. At times, even small things said without thinking can hurt your spouse a lot.
These small things if taken care of can help you lead a happy married life.

Bondage Gear – New Ways To Free Your Inhibitions

Bondage Gear are a fun way to add sizzle to your sexual experiences. Simply having one in the room creates a sexual energy. Bondage have become increasingly popular among people who like to have sexual adventures. Bondage is often considered an extreme fetish, involving elaborate costumes and special behavior. The truth, however, is that while bondage has developed into its own sort of subculture, it’s also enjoyed by many couples as a part of healthy sexuality.

Bondage Gear will breathe new excitement into a relationship for couples who have become a little bored with the same old sexual routines. Just the act of buying one makes a person feel sexy, and then working together to set it up is a unique foreplay experience as the two of you build the swing you will also be building anticipation. Or if you decide to surprise your lover with bondage gear by having it all set up and ready to go when they return home, you will have sent a very clear message that you find them to be exciting and desirable.

I greatly recommend sex swings for starters are. There are swings which can be hung from the ceiling with hardware. These swings can be removed from the hardware for storing away when your Aunt Martha comes for a visit. For an even more portable solution there is a free standing frame for your sex swing. The stand is about 7 feet tall and also has additional hooks for bondage activity or for hanging up useful items to keep them handy.

There are a few different types of sex swings as well. For travel or limited space there is a model that hangs over the door. You just hang a couple of attached tubes over the door, close it, have your partner get the harness on, adjust the straps to the right height and enjoy! There are two variations on the Love Swing. One suspends you from above and allows your lover to move around you, and another one that spins and allows your partner to move you around so that they you may both enjoy more mobility.

Using the pleasure swing also makes quite a few unique positions possible and can add ease and excitement to some old standbys. Oral sex is made easier and more pleasurable when you use a sex swing. One partner can sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor and suck and lick without the neck and arm fatigue often experience during oral sex. By lowering the swing, the mutual oral sex position of 69 is easy to achieve and enjoy for longer periods. Intercourse in a sex swing is more exciting and enjoyable because it offers the ability to penetrate deeper and because of the lack of pressure on the body allows lovers to go at it longer as well. Because the sex swing frees both partners from having to brace themselves, they now have free hands to stimulate each other and may enjoy prolonged eye contact. Rear entry and woman on top positions are other positions made possible by a couple of strap adjustments or repositioning your partner’s body.

A sex swing is a good investment; this is a durable toy that lends itself to a variety of sensual and kinky activities. Customers who have purchased this item rate it very high in overall satisfaction with the quality and functionality. Most say it has either restored or greatly enhanced their sex lives. Nothing else says “Wanna come out and play?” quite like a sex swing.

Is it Good for You to Buy Cheap Sex Toy?

Satisfying your sexual needs
When the urge to satisfy your sexual needs is overpowering and you cannot find any other alternatives you may look out to buy cheap sex toys. For instance those who do not have a date like a girl friend or a boy friend and those who are not married may find releasing their sexual impulses quite difficult. The only course open to them would be to go for the satisfaction in an artificial way. This can be accomplished with sex toys. However at the same time if you are not able to afford much for the purpose you will be also looking for something cheaper.
Why cheap sex toys?
Nagging question at the back of your mind would be whether to buy cheap sex toys. You will have doubts whether they could be good enough for your purpose. Many cheap items fell short of the purpose for which they were bought and you think that you might experience the same fate with the cheap sex toys. However, you should not have a preconceived notion that all cheap sex toys are necessarily bad. Contrary to popular myth about cheap commodities, these cheap sex toys could be real good and deliver you with results far beyond your expectations. The only thing to look about is that they come from a reliable provider and just not from any one on the street you meet.
Cheap does not mean inferior quality
You have guessed it correctly. Cheap price has nothing to do with the quality of the sex toys. Therefore, the chances of your having problems when you buy cheap sex toys are little or almost non existent. Moreover, the low price may not always be due to the fact that the products are really cheap. It may also happen that the provider is charging you a low price since discount offers are tagged to the product. More often than not you can get such sex toys at cheaper prices during a holiday. You will have the same facilities when you come across the bulk sales where you get the toys at much lower price than usual.
Low priced materials for sex toys
Sometimes the materials that are used for manufacturing the sex toys are also responsible for the low price of the toys. Many materials for manufacturing them are low cost despite being of reasonably good quality. As already pointed out quality has nothing to do with low prices. So when you buy cheap sex toys you may also consider this angle. The low cost of the toys could be owing to the low cost materials used to make them.
Prominent sex toy materials
Most prominent among the cheap sex toy materials are jelly, latex rubber, and vinyl. People who prefer soft as well as flexible sex toys will certainly prefer toys made of jelly. They also look very nice and have unusually bright colors. The disadvantages you get when you buy cheap sex toys made of jelly are that they have very short lifespan. They also cannot be disinfected. You need to use condom on them for better hygienic reasons. However for stimulation, it has no parallel.
Latex rubber, vinyl and jelly
For manufacturing the soft and inexpensive sex toys, latex rubber is the best choice. However you have to be careful about allergy caused by it. For pleasure however the choice is one of the best. Vinyl is solid compared to jelly but is also less porous. It ranks somewhere between silicon on one hand and jelly on the other as sex toy material.

Where to Start – How to Talk Dirty

Are you up for the challenge but don’t know where to start. Have you wanted to unleash that wild side of yours through dirty talking, but haven’t found the courage, or don’t even know where to start. Start by saying something about how you feel or how he looks. Start thinking about the sexy words that get your engines revving. Start out small until you feel more comfortable. Start by having a light, lively, humorous chat with your boyfriend in a secluded and romantic place. Start out with the ‘Oh baby, ride me like a horse,’ and move on to, ‘I love you like the sun the moon the stars and now my life is complete. You can start by doing it in your head, but eventually do it out loud.

A great way to start with dirty talk is to describe out loud what is happening during sex. One of the best ways to practice how to talk dirty to your man is to start out by flirting with him during the day. However, once you start to do it, you’ll see how it can take your sex life up a notch. One of the best tips for getting started is to describe what’s happening when you’re having sex and how you feel about it. Or maybe you should start out by writing hot notes to your sweetie rather than speaking aloud. A handful of quick “makeover” tricks to make the man you want purr with delight as he gets turned on like a switch, and start “ooohhhh’ing” and “aaahhhing” at you.

To start with, try little things he likes to hear from him like “I feel good when you do this on me”, “Do this on me, do that hard on me” etc. How to talk dirty with your partner starts with your sexual desire to bring your partner to a point where in he will desire you as well in bed. Second, if you are still a bit hesitant about opening up to your boyfriend, you can always start by doing it on phone. As things are starting to warm up, encourage what he is already doing by whispering passionately, “I love it when you do that. But, do start referring to each others’ bodies and body parts in new and colorful ways.


Things will go smoothly as long as you really thought about it. If you really want to keep the lover you have, it’s in how you talk to him. Not only does talking turn your man on and release his inner passion for you, it tells him that you are really liking and enjoying what he is doing. I certainly was not someone who thought I could have the courage to talk dirty, but I really wanted to try it because I knew my girlfriend would like it. Talking dirty to turn on your lover can really add spice during lovemaking. You can also include really sexy music as your background to make him more turned on and excited. He will really love this and your words will be very pleasing to his ears and make him really ready for you to take him to climax. You should know your partner better and if possible, you better learn how to talk dirty together for a really more satisfying and unforgettable sexual experience. I have found that it’s much easier for the words to flow during sex when we’re really worked up.